iCloud Fully Automatic
To setup the full synchronization, select a “reference” device and press the “Export” button in the iCloud setting screen. The configuration of this specific device is exported to the cloud and the synchronization is enabled.
For all the other devices connected to the same iCloud account, press the import button. The iCloud configuration is imported in each device and the synchronization is enabled.

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After the initial setup, the notion of “reference” device disappears. All devices are now peer and any change, on any device, is automatically exported to iCloud and flown down, automatically, to all other devices.

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This is a full synchronization, i.e. if you add or delete a stock on one device, that stock is also added or deleted on all the other. The program manages to keep exactly the same data in each device.

You can disconnect a device by switching off the Full Sync. in the iCloud setup screen of this specific device. To reconnect, you’ll have to import again.

iCloud Manual

Whenever you switch the manual synchronization on one device, it creates a copy of its configuration in the cloud and register as a data source. Any change on that device will be automatically reflected in the cloud.
On other devices, pressing the Manual Sync button will display a list of devices registered as a source. You can select the device you want to manually import from.

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This is a partial synchronization, meaning only data associated to common stocks between two devices will be imported. Affected data are lines, comments, fibos, journal notes and trade operations. Note, however, that custom indicators scripts, trading accounts and transactions are also imported.
The key advantage of this technique is the ability to work on a different set of stocks in each devices; a large number of stocks on a Mac for instance, and a reduced set on the iPhone, while synchronizing notes or lines on the stocks common to both.
The key issue with this technique is that it is manual and requires a little bit of thinking. iCloud import operations cannot be undone.